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IRC Staff members posing in front of mobile vaccine clinic as part of their work with NRC-RIM

The National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants (NRC-RIM) is funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the International Organization for Migration to support health departments and community organizations working with refugee, immigrant, and migrant (RIM) communities that have been disproportionately affected by health inequities. 

NRC-RIM supports health departments and community organizations with their COVID-19 response in RIM communities by offering resources, training, technical assistance and other services.

We collect and curate best and promising practices from across the country so professionals and organizations learn from each other. We have these organized into several toolkits

Best and promising practices can provide important insights into what are the most effective strategies for enhancing the health related outcomes of individuals and communities, and what these strategies look like when put into practice in a variety of different situations, settings, and contexts.

These were informed by more than 103 interviews with public health professionals, health care providers, and community leaders, which helped us better understand different models and strategies being used across the country.

"Learning about best practices from the other offices in the project has allowed us to implement new strategies quickly and with the knowledge that they have already been vetted for success."

NRC-RIM works to develop and disseminate linguistically and culturally appropriate health communications and health education resources for RIM communities. Our growing collection includes campaigns, videos, and a translated materials library featuring materials in multiple languages.

"Without NRC-RIM’s resources it would have taken us weeks to translate everything to our needed language, hampering and delaying our educational efforts."

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We have 764 uploads in more than 40 languages on our Youtube channel which has 156 subscribers. Our top videos are featured on our website

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Translated Materials Library

Our Translated Materials Library includes more than 8000 materials in 196 languages, curated from public health departments and other agencies across the country.

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Our vaccine education and contract tracing campaigns are pre-translated in more than 40 languages and include drag-and-drop templates so anyone can easily customize our campaigns for their local context. 

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3K+ total participants

73 percent

Participants who demonstrated increased knowledge on the topic

“I gained a better understanding of social and structural determinants and how I can play a role in closing the gap of implicit and explicit biases that hinder RIM communities from proper education and health related knowledge.”

94 percent

Participants who plan to apply what they learned in their work

We collaborate with our partners to offer technical assistance that meets the needs of local health departments and others. We strengthen connections and information sharing between community-based organizations and health departments, and share practical lessons-learned with those that are facing challenges.

"We’ve gotten the tools, resources and support we need to research, develop and disseminate information and educational materials that will go out to our refugee communities in Dallas and beyond."

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Best Practices

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Campaign Strategy

We partner with NACCHO on pilot projects where health departments and CBOs collaboratively design, implement, and evaluate innovative and sustainable approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic in RIM communities.

“This partnership with the University of Minnesota’s NRC-RIM provides refugee, immigrant, and migrant communities and local health departments the resources they need to build and sustain the kinds of relationships and connections that result in strong public health.”

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1,105 newsletter subscribers

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149K unique website visitors

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50 U.S. states using our materials

On the Ground

We work with our partners, like the International Rescue Committee and Migrant Clinicians Network, to implement innovative practices in direct service to RIM communities. Some activities they are involved in include:

  • Designing and distributing vaccine campaign materials
  • Organizing vaccine clinics
  • Canvassing neighborhoods
  • Hosting vaccine education events
  • Supporting people in RIM communities during quarantine
  • Facilitating COVID-19 testing


People prepare materials for distribution

Printing Mini-Grants
We know that common barriers to using our vaccine campaign materials are time and cost. As part of our dissemination strategy, NRC-RIM developed a Printing Mini-grant program that allows local health departments, community organizations, and other small nonprofits to request printed materials from NRC-RIM. To date, we have fulfilled 25 organizations' printing needs. 

Tatiana Ron (in blue sweater), community health worker for Centro Comunitario CEUS, with Valerie Pineiro of the N.J. Partnership for Maternal and Child Health of Northern New Jersey.

"We continue to really value this resource—our team reports that it provides a great open door for them to have conversations with individuals, and we still see vaccinations occurring as a result."

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Traditional Media

NRC-RIM experts have interviewed with national media outlets like the New York Times, Politifact and Kaiser Health News. Some media mentions include:

Conferences and Presentations



NRC-RIM held several sessions at the 2021 and 2022 North American Refugee Health Conference (NARHC). In 2022, NRC-RIM also sponsored a new track for the conference focused on COVID-19 public health. 

NRC-RIM team at White House event

The NRC-RIM team has been guest speakers at more than 40 online events hosted by other organizations, including events hosted by the CDC and the White House

NRC-RIM team at Prep Summit

NRC-RIM presented three sessions at the 2022 Preparedness Summit on health communications and public health preparedness in support of refugee, immigrant and migrant communities.