Vaccine Special Topics

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COVID-19 vaccine considerations may change based on new policies or recommendations, current events, upcoming holidays, and other circumstances. Here is one place you can find resources for these unique situations. Current special topics include:

Afghan New Arrivals
Afghan new arrivals who are ready to talk about COVID-19 vaccines and other pandemic response measures can use the resources we have created in Dari, Pashto and English, available here for easy download. Learn more

Vaccines for Children
Health departments and community organizations that serve refugee, immigrant and migrant communities can use this collection of resources in their efforts to extend their vaccine programs to eligible children. Learn more

Vaccines and Ramadan
NRC-RIM and partners have created a series of videos and other resources about Ramadan and COVID-19 vaccines featuring faith leaders addressing potential questions or concerns from members of Muslim communities. Note: Ramadan next occurs from April 2 to May 2, 2022Learn more