NRC-RIM On the Ground

IRC Staff members posing in front of mobile vaccine clinic as part of their work with NRC-RIM

Directly serving communities

NRC-RIM supports health departments and community organizations with their COVID-19 response in RIM communities by offering resources, training, technical assistance and other services. 

We also work with our partners, like the International Rescue Committee and Migrant Clinicians Network, to implement innovative practices in direct service to RIM communities. Some activities they are involved in include:

  • Designing and distributing vaccine campaign materials

  • Organizing vaccine clinics

  • Canvassing neighborhoods

  • Hosting vaccine education events

  • Supporting people in RIM communities during quarantine

  • Facilitating COVID-19 testing

Pilot Projects

NACCHO partnered with the NRC-RIM to award funding that supports innovative COVID-19 prevention strategies in refugee, immigrant, and migrant communities. Each of the 23 awardees will receive in excess of $130,000 rapidly scale up COVID-19 prevention and vaccination. Read More

Mexican grocery store in Maryland with Vaccination Is poster hanging on the door

Community-Led Vaccine Confidence Campaign

The Migrant Clinicians Network worked with local communities to create custom versions of NRC-RIM's Vaccination Is campaign. Their staff then worked to distribute the materials throughout the community in an effort to increase vaccine confidence. Pictured: La Tía Mini Market in Salisbury, MD. 

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COVID-19 Kits: Providing Essentials to Refugee New Arrivals

The International Rescue Committee office in Salt Lake City provided "COVID kits" to newly arrived refugees. The kits offer an opportunity to build relationships and support vaccine confidence in the community.

Block Walk and Community Event

Staff from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Dallas went door-to-door to talk to people in refugee, immigrant and migrant communities about a neighborhood event where they could get COVID-19 vaccines and other important resources. This innovative community outreach effort was conducted in partnership with the YMCA and the local health department.

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People prepare materials for distribution

La Mujer Obrera fights COVID-19 in El Paso

La Mujer Obrera is an El Paso, Texas based community organization that has been providing COVID-19 resources to the Chamizal neighborhood of El Paso, an almost entirely Latino community that has a large population of Spanish-speaking, working-class residents living below the poverty line. They have used resources, materials, and graphics created by the Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN), in partnership with NRC-RIM, as part of their efforts to increase vaccination rates, show the reality of vaccines, and debunk many common myths within their community. 

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Youth & Young Adult Ambassadors

Youth and young adults in Clarkston, Georgia have been essential to the Dekalb County's COVID-19 response. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Atlanta has hired former refugees—now U.S. citizens and green card holders—as ambassadors to plan, promote, and run logistics for testing and vaccine events in their communities. Together—in partnership with Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE)—they have provided their communities with more than 15,000 tests and 4,000 vaccines with interpretation in more than 20 languages.

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A CSF representative talks to two young women about COVID-19 vaccines

Campesinos Sin Fronteras Engages with Farmworker Community

A useful strategy Campesinos Sin Fronteras (CSF) staff have been implementing during the pandemic is staff being present at transportation hubs that immigrant farmworkers use to get to their jobs, such as public bus stops. Going as early as 2 A.M., staff are able to survey farmworkers as well as give them masks and other protective gear and information for how they can protect themselves from COVID-19. CSF has also been using MCNs ‘Vaccination Is...’ Campaign materials to enhance their efforts and to encourage COVID-19 booster shots. 

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Boise Bicycle Project

Staff from the International Rescue Committee (IRC)'s office in Boise, Idaho, partnered with the Boise Bicycle Project to being COVID-19 vaccine education events to refugee, immigrant and migrant communities in the area. Learn about their approach to community partnership, multilingual communication and vaccine hesitancy from Georgette and Moise, two staff members who have led these efforts.

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Back to School Community Fair

The International Rescue Committee in Tucson, Arizona, brought communities together for a back to school event that doubled as an opportunity for attendees to learn about COVID-19 and receive their vaccine. By holding a festive, social event that paired COVID-19 efforts with the back to school season, they attracted nearly 150 participants.

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Videos with Trusted Faith Leaders

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Atlanta worked with Imam Sheikh Salahadin Wazir, the founder and CEO of African and Immigrant Communities in America, Inc. to create videos to encourage vaccine acceptance in a wide variety of Muslim communities in and around Atlanta.

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MCN Offices:

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