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Using Fact Sheets Effectively

  • Consider customizing these fact sheets when templates are available so that the images used reflect your target communities. 
  • Print and distribute fact sheets through various community locations and trusted organizations working with RIM communities. Some ideas include faith-based organizations, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), youth groups, consulates and K-12 schools. Ask employers to put them in break rooms. You can also try libraries, community centers, farmers’ markets, grocery stores, laundromats and other high-traffic places.
  • Share them on social media or on text-based apps like WhatsApp by taking a screenshot or converting the PDF to an image. Consider copy/pasting some of the statements from the fact sheet as your caption.
  • Give a presentation using the information found on the long fact sheet. You can copy/paste information into a PowerPoint or use it as your presentation script.

After You're Vaccinated

Thumbnail of NRC-RIM after vaccination fact sheet

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Breakthrough Infections

Thumbnail of NRC-RIM breakthrough fact sheet

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Vaccines for Children and Youth

Thumbnail of NRC-RIM vaccinating kids fact sheet

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Wearing a Mask Fact Sheet 

Thumbnail of NRC-RIM wearing a mask fact sheet

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Fertility + Parenthood

Thumbnail of NRC-RIM fertility fact sheet

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Preview of water safety flyer

Vaccine Immigration Flyer (English)

know your rights flyer

Don't Miss Out Graphics thumbnail

English | Arabic | Burmese | Dari | Nepali | Pashto | Spanish | Swahili (Congolese) | Tigrinya

The process for creating these graphics included vigorous content validation of the text for accuracy, cultural appropriateness, and relevance in addition to extensive content validation--based on multiple sources of input--of the images to ensure they were well suited for the respective communities.

Download the Master List of #DontMissOut graphics here.

Blue and teal flyer describing the key facts of the omicron variant of COVID-19

Preview of flyer explaining why it is important to save your vaccine card.

IRC Quick Fact Flyer

English & Arabic | Burmese & Karen | Dari & Pashto | French & Swahili (Congolese) | Kinyarwanda & Lingala | English & Nepali | English & Spanish | English & Tigrinya | Ukrainian & Russian

Bilingual and bicultural members of RIM communities informed the content of the flyers, which were translated by professional translators. RIM community members then led a rigorous content validation process to ensure translations were accurate and culturally appropriate.

Quick Facts for Social Media

COVID Vaccine Facts

Arabic | Burmese | Dari | English | French | Karen | Kinyarwanda | Lingala | Nepali | Pashto | Russian | Spanish | Swahili (Congolese) | Tigrinya | Ukrainian

Specialized messaging
Facts about vaccines being halal, not containing animal products, and not changing DNA are all available in the languages of communities for whom these topics are particularly relevant. Download these social media assets in Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Rohingya, Somali and Urdu. Audio files of the facts are available in Pashto and Rohingya.