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We are committed to developing and disseminating linguistically- and culturally-appropriate health education and health communications videos for refugee, immigrant and migrant (RIM) communities.

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Reflections Video Series

Reflections is a video series highlighting the ways that COVID-19 has affected the lives of refugees, immigrants and migrants.

Every Gyi
English | Karen

Maribel Ovalle
English | Spanish

Alicia Cervantes

Elder Villatoro


Osman Said

IRC Staff Testimonials: Vaccinating Children

Vaccinating Kids Q&A w/Dr. Anisa Ibrahim

Dr. Anisa Ibrahim answers frequently asked questions about vaccinating children, ranging from "Are COVID-19 vaccines safe for children? What about side-effects?" to "Do kids really need the vaccine? I heard they don’t get very sick from COVID-19." Find the full playlist of videos here.

Vaccination Is Strength: Honoring the Contributions of Refugees During COVID-19

Daughter of a farm worker explains why she got her COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccine PSA

Youth and Young Adult Ambassador Program

What is Contact Tracing?

Why I Got the COVID-19 Vaccine: Healthcare Provider edition

English | Arabic | Somali | Swahili

multilingual video with translated subtitles

Why I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine

Spanish: Video | Translation
Somali: Video | Translation
Amharic: Video | Translation
Farsi: Video | Transcript

Vaccine Information

Imam Wazir on Vaccinations in Islam

English | Amharic | Arabic
Harari | Oromo | Somali

Learn more about engaging the community through partnerships with COVID Champions.

Common Vaccine Concerns (IRC Dallas Roundtable)

You Should Get a COVID-19 Vaccine... Here's Why!

Chanjo: A Vaccine Music Video

Imam Magid talks about COVID-19 vaccines with Surgeon General

Diverse Communities Get COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Questions & Answers - EMBARC (1.22.2021)

COVID-19 Vaccine Information by Milwaukee's Refugee Community Advisory Board 

How Can Vaccine and Antibody Studies Move So Quickly and Still Be Safe?

Imam Sharif Mohamed answers questions about the COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitancy

La Salud Colectiva