Job Readiness Training for Refugees, Immigrants and Migrants

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Your Guide to Incorporating COVID-19 Information & Vaccine Promotion Materials into Client-Facing Resources and Job Readiness Training for Workers from RIM communities

This library of in-language, client facing resources provides step-by-step guidance and tools for incorporating COVID-19 vaccine promotion information into standard job readiness trainings (JRT). JRT programs are an effective outlet for sharing information on COVID-19 and vaccine options due to the frequency of meetings and the relationship of trust developed between the instructor and participants. 

How to use these materials

  • Share the exact messaging found in the materials by using screen shots of the resources and integrating them directly into trainings.
  • Include both the English and translated versions in sequential slides for the commonly spoken languages among your workers when conducting group based trainings.
  • Include COVID-19 information consistently throughout a JRT course to reiterate accurate and up to date details. This can take the form of starting each JRT class with 5 to 10 minutes of COVID-19 related material or dedicating an entire session to a COVID “deep dive” and following up with brief refreshers throughout the JRT course.
  • Emphasize the connection between different types of work environments, COVID-19 risk factors and specific safety precautions.

Start with a discussion on COVID-19 Facts to ensure workers have a foundational understanding of how the coronavirus is spread and the steps they need to take to protect themselves and their community. Use CDC website resources about the pandemic, available in various languages.

Symptoms JRT Graphic

Learn about symptoms

The CDC has an overview of COVID-19 symptoms in English and several other languages. They also offer a resource on how to manage COVID-19 symptoms at home (with translations).

Mask JRT Graphic

Wear a mask

View CDC resources in multiple languages on how to choose an effective mask, how to wear it and take it off, and why it is important to wear one.

Distance JRT Graphic

Practice social distancing

View materials on the importance of social distancing, when it is most important, and tricks for estimating 6 feet / 2 meters. 

Washing JRT Graphic

Wash hands and surfaces

The CDC has resources on handwashing and disinfecting surfaces that can be useful in any job readiness training.

Misinformation can spread quickly within communities for a number of reasons. It is important to address some common misconceptions surrounding COVID-19 and hold an open space for individuals to ask questions. Be sure to validate their thought process and offer alternatives. Start by exploring our resource, How Client-Facing Staff Can Help Answer COVID-19 Vaccine Questions

You can also incorporate some of these Get the Facts flyers and their information into your training. There are customizable versions of these flyers in nearly 40 languages.

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The Get Vaccinated campaign is based on feedback that indicates people from many different backgrounds connect with the theme of protecting their communities. The goal is to create awareness of COVID-19 vaccines and the impact it has on the collective group.

This campaign includes posters and social media assets, which are currently available in nearly 40 languages. You can either download these directly or customize them with your own logo, URL, and photo. 

View translations and templates

Love Social English

The Vaccination Is campaign was built in partnership with target communities. Unique communities benefit from unique approaches to COVID-19 vaccine confidence, and partnering with them is the best way to figure out what works.

We have ready-to-download assets that support Latino, Haitian, Iraqi, Congolese, Afghani, Bhutanese, Somali and Ukrainian communities. We also have a tool called Makespace so that you can build your own custom campaign.

View campaigns | Try Makespace

Your workplace may have expectations for COVID-19 safety beyond what is referenced by CDC fact sheets, and you may have already considered incorporating COVID-19 testing and vaccine protocols for your workers. Make sure they fully understand what it expected of them by translating all materials in a way that is accurate and culturally appropriate. Learn more:

Image of two speech bubbles with letters on them indicating a translated exchange of information
After you're vaccinated

Ensure workers understand how to stay safe even after getting the vaccine. Consider incorporating information from the After You're Vaccinated flyers into your job readiness training. Pre-designed and pre-translated templates are available in nearly 40 languages, and you can customize them with your own logo, website and more.

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