Mothers x Mothers: Plan

Plan a meetup that is low-tech and high-trust

This planner consists of a set of checklists that any organization can use to spark thinking and account for the logistics ahead of hosting a meetup: staffing roles, safety, budget, venue selection and more.

Implementers Planner

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Ideal Characteristics:

  • Detail-oriented individual who has experience planning and executing gatherings/events
  • Comfortable problem-solving any logistical issue that might come up

Prep or Training Needed:

  • Implementer’s Planner - this webpage!

Time Needed:

  • 6-8 hours to plan details, and will need to be present during gathering


Ideal Characteristics:

  • Trusted individual with deep ties to the community and the specific population you are trying to gather
  • Ideally speaks the preferred language of the community
  • Able to have flexible hours to call various members of the community, or go to community events to invite people

Hint: it often works well to have the recruiter and follow-up buddy be the same person, to manage all community relationships

Prep or Training Needed:

Time Needed:

  • 1-2 hours (may need more time as questions arise)


Ideal Characteristics:

  • Trusted individual who is comfortable speaking with small to medium groups about health topics
  • Must be able to speak in the preferred language of the community
  • Warm and respected presence in the community
  • Willing to answer questions in  a non-judgmental way

Prep or Training Needed:

Time Needed:

  • Availability for the 1.5 hour session, and for preparation as needed before the session

Follow-up Buddy

Ideal Characteristics:

  • Reliable individual who can follow-up with many people after the session
  • Trusted individual who is able to speak in the preferred language and make multiple attempts to follow-up with people over the phone
  • Willing to answer questions in a non-judgmental way
  • Comfortable referring people to services in the community if not offered by your organization
  • Ideally they are able to offer rides to vaccine clinics

Hint: it often works well to have the recruiter and follow-up buddy be the same person, to manage all community relationships

Prep or Training Needed

  • Access to referral resources (vaccine clinic hours and locations, mental health services, social services, etc.)
  • Follow-up suggestions

Time Needed:

  • ~6-8 hours following the session to follow-up and support with getting vaccinated

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Setting Up the Space

  • Consider an outdoor venue
  • Build in space to social distance (i.e. setting up chairs and tables, walkways, creating individual seating during snack breaks)

During the Gathering

  • Require masking and provide extra masks
  • Provide hand sanitizer
  • Provide cleaning and sanitation products
  • Wipe down chairs and tables between sessions

For Childcare

  • Consider enforcing guidelines where children must be asymptomatic

There are four steps:

  1. Create a list of everyone  you want to invite
  2. Track who you have invited and their responses
  3. Collect RSVPS, transportation, childcare needs, languages, and more all in one document.
  4. Create a sign-in sheet for the day of your gathering. 
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  • Can we host the gathering outside? 
  • Do we have enough space for everyone to socially distance if they’re indoors? Can people sit at least 6 feet apart?
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  • Can we hook up a projector? Is there a blank wall or a screen?
  • For the projector, can we reduce the amount of light in the room if we host a daytime event?
  • Do we have all cables needed to connect to the projector?
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  • Is our space near or closely accessible for participants?
  • If we wanted to host multiple groups at the same time, are there multiple spaces at the venue?
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  • Do we have enough space to set up chairs and tables?
  • Can we have access to the venue 1-2 days in advance to set-up? 

The Cost Calculator is a spreadsheet that can help implementing organizations project out the cost of a single meetup as well as of a yearly program of MxM meetups. It can help you:

  • Get a sense of what an individual MxM meetup might cost. 
  • Get a sense of what you might need to fundraise to launch an MxM program.
  • Fundraise for MxM by projecting out the impact the program might have. 

Collecting qualitative and quantitative data as you plan can help track progress and tell a story about the program’s effectiveness and impact.

This is sometimes required if your meetup is funded by a grant, but it is a good idea to measure your success either way. It can help you improve the meetups and optimize them for a better client experience.

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Try to have a full dress rehearsal the day before, including testing the audio/video, practicing the facilitation for each activity, and setting up any tables/chairs.

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Print your signage and materials 2-3 days beforehand, in case you need to reprint or print more.

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Send reminders to your participants 1-2 days before the event, and a text reminder the morning of.