Get Vaccinated Campaign

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About this campaign

The Get Vaccinated campaign is based on feedback that we have gotten that indicates people from many different backgrounds connect with the theme of protecting their communities. The goal is to create awareness of COVID-19 vaccines and the impact it has on the collective group.

Each set of materials includes translations in nearly 40 languages as well as the ability for you to customize the logo, URL, photo and more. Learn how to customize your campaign using our drag-and-drop templates with this video

Don't see the language you need? Request a translation.

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How to use posters effectively

  • Consider customizing these posters using the provided templates so that the images used reflect your target communities. 
  • Print and distribute posters through various community locations and trusted organizations working with RIM communities. Some ideas include faith-based organizations, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), youth groups, consulates and K-12 schools. Ask employers to put them in break rooms. You can also try libraries, community centers, farmers’ markets, grocery stores, laundromats and other high-traffic places.
  • Share them on social media or on text-based apps like WhatsApp by taking a screenshot or converting the PDF to an image. 

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How to use social media assets on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp

Facebook Frame sample

Add our custom Facebook Frame to your profile picture:

  • Go to
  • Search "NRCRIM" for the custom frame you want to use. There are over 30 languages for you to choose from!
  • Click "Use as Profile Picture" to save.