Webinar: Best Practices for COVID-19 Prevention and Mitigation Among Afghan Communities

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Afghan refugees and immigrants deserve equitable healthcare access and education, and that includes COVID-19 prevention and mitigation. Join this webinar to hear how the Afghan Health Initiative, Washington State Department of Health, and clinicians serving refugee and immigrant communities have worked with community leaders to overcome challenges, build on community strengths, and improve COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Washington’s Afghan community. Participants will be able to learn from these successes as they plan to welcome Afghan new arrivals into their local communities.

 Shoshana Aleinikoff

Shoshana Aleinikoff, MD
Specialty Director of Refugee and Immigrant Health
HealthPoint Community Health Center

Azadeh Tasslimi

Azadeh Tasslimi, MPH
Epidemiologist, Refugee and Immigrant Health Program
Washington State Department of Health

Ariana Anjaz

Ariana Anjaz
Co-Founder and Senior Director
Afghan Health Initiative