Community Contractors for Health Messaging

The availability of accurate COVID-19 information that is culturally and linguistically relevant is essential to keeping communities safe. Messages change rapidly, and some health departments may face challenges with developing health messaging that reaches all communities, particularly refugees, immigrants, and migrants. 

Engaging Community Contractors

Engaging community-based organizations (CBOs) and media vendors is a great way to create and distribute guidance that is culturally and linguistically appropriate. Community contractors can provide trusted, timely, and culturally relevant health information to diverse communities by leveraging established relationships and knowledge of the communities they serve. 

Successful Implementation in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) partnered with more than 120 diverse media vendors and CBOs to deliver health messages that reached communities of color and refugee, immigrant, and migrant communities in the state. Contract managers at the state were matched with media vendors to ensure strong business partnerships were rooted in personal relationships. The contract managers worked collaboratively with MDH community liaisons to provide a direct line of communication between the MDH COVID-19 response team and media vendors. This partnership allows them to distribute information and respond to questions and concerns from their communities.

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