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Create a testing program that prioritizes equity

Widespread testing for COVID-19 can help stop the spread, because it allows people who are infected to isolate sooner and start treatment earlier. Effective communication and planning is essential to ensure your testing program reaches refugee, immigrant and migrant communities in your area. 

Promising Practices are strategies, approaches, or programs that have anecdotally shown to have a positive impact in some local settings, however, there is not yet enough research-based evidence to certify as a best practice.

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Embedding Equity throughout the COVID-19 Response Organizational Structure

It is essential to integrate considerations for refugee, immigrant, and migrant communities into all aspects of public health response efforts. Read more about the Minnesota Department of Health’s work to embed equity throughout the COVID-19 response organizational structure. 

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Community Health Workers

Community health workers are deeply rooted in their communities, often members of the community themselves, and are uniquely positioned to partner with health departments and other organizations in COVID-19 response.

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Partnership with Federally Qualified Health Centers Serving RIM Communities

FQHCs are often deeply rooted in their communities and are uniquely positioned as a partner for local health departments to reach refugee, immigrant, and migrant communities.

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Bringing COVID-19 Testing Services Directly to Communities

Bringing testing services to RIM communities is a promising practice to ensure culturally and linguistically appropriate access to COVID-19 testing services, reduce stigma surrounding testing, and build trust between RIM community members and their local healthcare and medical systems.

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Translated Materials Library (NRC-RIM)
A growing collection of publicly available health communications materials related to COVID-19 exist in multiple languages.  Select "Testing" in the drop-down list labeled "Topics" to find material most relevant to CICT. 

Guidance for Health Departments about COVID-19 Testing in the Community (CDC)
This guidance from the CDC reviews consideration and current CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 testing strategies including expanded screening testing and broad-based testing.

Guide for Equitable COVID Testing (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
The purpose of these guidelines from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment  is to ensure communities most impacted by this pandemic receive the testing resources needed to stay safe and save lives. In addition to the moral imperative, these testing strategies help prevent COVID-19 from spreading, thus keeping all of us safer.