Women's Wellness

Afghan Families Pose for Camera and Smile

In a series of videos created in partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), newly arrived Afghans can learn about women's wellness exams in the United States, including why they are important, what to expect, and key tips like asking for an interpreter. 

We know that trusted messengers are valuable resources to Afghan families as they consider their healthcare options. Organizations wishing to host their own health education workshops may do so with translated and customizable PowerPoint slides, Google Slides, Canva slides, and speaking notes.

For Women

Womens Wellness collection

Encourage Afghan women to take an active role in their preventative healthcare visits by requesting an interpreter, asking questions, and preparing them for what to expect.

Women's Wellness Workshops

For Men

Women's Wellness for Men

Afghan men are often involved in healthcare decisions with their wives or female family members. This version of our materials has been culturally validated to ensure relevance to this audience.

Afghan Men Supporting Women's Wellness